Ensuring all our employees go home safely at the end of each workday
is a core value for Belterra.

We recognize that a strong focus on the health and safety of our employees and our surrounding environment is essential to the ongoing strength of our business. We are committed to conducting frequent reviews of all our locations to ensure compliance with safety regulations and strive to set our standards above and beyond regulatory requirements.

While we take pride in our efforts to achieve workplace health and safety in the past, we recognize there is much more to be done to improve our performance. Some of our programs and policies that guide us in our efforts of continuous improvement include the following:


The corporate health and safety policy is reviewed annually by senior management.


We recognize that safety starts with a commitment at the top levels of the
organization and our Board of Directors review our safety performance and
safety initiatives on a continuous basis and holds all levels of management
accountable to health and safety.


We have established guidelines on mandatory training requirements for all
members of our staff whether they are in the field or in the office, and are
constantly looking for ways to enhance and reinforce training through a combination of field training, classroom courses, on-line learning and video content. We ensure constant monitoring of training levels and ensure staff are
provided frequent refresher courses.


We have a policy to ensure each major branch has qualified NCSO’s
(National Construction Safety Officers) on staff to promote a culture of safety
in each of our locations.


We recognize that strong business systems lead to a safer work environment
and so we are actively engaged in ensuring all our locations meet ISO
9001:2008 standards.


We ensure we do a complete assessment of all the hazards that we work with
to ensure our employees assess and control them safely both for themselves
and the environment.


We strive to provide a high level of physical and mental health care for our
employees through a comprehensive benefit and EAP program. Our EAP
program provides resources supporting employees and their families across
the country.


We conduct a complete investigation of any workplace incidents or near
misses and that information is shared across all our locations to ensure we
learn from our shortcomings and take appropriate corrective actions. The
focus on gathering information regarding “near misses” to improve our
prevention strategies is considered highly important.


We conduct both internal and external audits in our locations to ensure we achieve or exceed the COR standards.

Success is no accident

Third Party Compliance
Reporting Companies and
Health & Safety Associations

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