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Sea to Sky Highway

Everyday new roads are being paved, homes are being built and skyscrapers are constructed. The demand for sand, stone, gravel and cement keeps the aggregate industry striving for higher productivity.

Belterra’s mobile splicing crews are able to travel to remote locations. This portable crusher is crushing material from the side of a mountain to be trucked away and later used as highway fill. These are tough and abusive applications and require proper care in selecting the right belt for the application. A cover compound that offers superior cut and gouge resistance, with a carcass that is resistant to punctures is crucial to the success of this operation.

The Sea to Sky Highway is one of Canada’s outstanding road building projects. The highway upgrade includes widening, straightening and adding additional passing lanes for a twisting 100 kilometers of mountain highway. Belterra ‘s involvement to supply conveyor belt and mobile, reliable services is crucial to the ongoing success and completion of this project for the 2010 Olympic Games.

Stacker Installation

A large quarry operation on Vancouver Island that is exclusively focused on supplying construction aggregates to coastal markets on the western seaboard of North America. Belterra was awarded the contract for supplying and installing the conveyor belt and components. This project consisted of the installation of three main land transfer systems totaling 18,000 feet of conveyor belt plus 28 plant systems. Belterra remained on site for 28 days to complete the project.

Stacker conveyor handling abrasive crushed rock must have the best belt selection to maximize productivity.
A strong impact resistant carcass coupled with a durable rubber cover compound is needed to handle the toughest aggregate applications.

Transfer / Screening Conveyor

A typical wash or screening plant handling 6” - 3” material, typically short center–to–center systems which utilize screw take ups. Usually operating under lower tension with moderate abuse. Improper belt selection can lead to excessive stretch and tracking difficulties as well as premature cover wear.

Transfer / screening conveyors at an aggregate wash plant.

Main Plant Infeed Changeout

The largest diversified supplier of materials for residential, commercial, institutional and public works construction in Canada and the United States needed their main plant infeed conveyor belt to be changed out in a 48 hour period. Belterra crews installed 1000 ft - 60” 800 / 4 ply while simultaneously winding up the existing used belt for disposal. While working in inclement weather conditions the project was completed in less than 36 hours.

In this critical conveyor application
Belterra determined the proper belt
selection using an automated belt
selection and design program which
also provides information on required
horsepower, counter-weight and
conveyor capacity.
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