Ship Loader System

A ship loader system being ferried into position for final installation. Belterra installed the conveyor belt before the system was loaded onto the barge, making the installation easier and cost effective.


Overland System

This high tension overland system requires a reliable, trouble free conveyor belt. These systems are usually situated in remote, isolated areas. Minimum downtime is critical to the success and profitability of its operation.


Material Handling

Sulphur, one of the most essential raw materials on earth, begins its journey in Alberta. Derived from the oil and gas fields, sulphur is hauled over the Rockey Mountains by rail for shipment to ports around the world. This terminal has the flexibility to load this raw material directly onto ships, or temporarily on site. This facility is interlaced with a network of conveyors that are maintained constantly on a 24 / 7 basis.


Grain Handling

Belterra grain belts are designed to provide the maximum degree of oil resistance to withstand the potentially damaging effects of crushed and whole soybeans, oily grains and mineral oil dust suppressant sprays. This reduces the chances for rubber swell and softening. In addition, our belts are constructed with high strength nylon cords to provide mechanical fastener and bolt holding capabilities. Belterra also offers a complete range of spark-free and fully non-magnetic mechanical fasteners, elevator bolts and buckets.


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