case studies

Apple Processor

A large apple processor was having problems with their radius section processing line. The modular belt would flip over then the hold down tabs would constantly break and migration would cause the pin rods to break. The existing belt was also difficult to clean due to build up of apple wax and fruit juices. This belt is only used 3 months a year so zero down time was critical.

With factory support, Belterra provided solid engineering to re-design the conveyor and selected the proper belt that is easier to clean and requires less maintenance, thus ensuring top performance.

Excessive product buildup causing tracking and quality issues.

Chocolate Factory

A large chocolate manufacturer was experiencing product build up on their return rollers and conveyor belt causing slippage and misalignment on their cooling tunnel line. Belterra relagged the head pulley and recommended a 1 ply monofilament thermo plastic polyurethane belt. This utilizes it’s superior weft tension strength to better maintain its excellent tracking characteristics. To complete the project Belterra installed a dual composite urethane scraper at the discharge end of the cooling tunnel.

Excessive product buildup causing tracking and quality issues.
The new belt reduced stretch and cupping. The belts unique design offered the customer the opportunity to speed up his system and cool the chocolate faster with more consistency.

Meat Processing

At a large meat processing plant this application was infeeding sealed bags out of a cryovac, up an incline into a metal detector. The problem that occurred on a conventional conveyor belt was “Leakage” bags being torn. The design would not allow for a flighted belt because of the close transition required, we also needed a gentle grip top to pick up the bags and keep it from developing a leak. Belterra recommended a modular style belt with a soft grip FDA approved surface offering a clean and safe solution to a much appreciated customer.

Cryovac infeed to a metal detector.

Bread Manufacturing

A large Western Canadian bakery plant was experiencing challenges conveying their sticky dough product on a combination vertical / horizontal application. These dough belts were generating excessive amounts of carry-back material that stuck to the covers of the belt on the return after the discharge point. This build-up resulted in product falling on to the plant floor and created challenges with manually cleaning the belt as well as other maintenance, safety, and hygiene concerns.

Belterra recommended an aggressive food grade primary cleaner with nylon blades. Carry-back was virtually eliminated resulting in a cleaner, more effective process with significant savings in both labor (previously spent on manually cleaning the belt) and material that is now properly discharged and used in production instead of falling on the plant floor and going into waste. Additional piece of mind is now given to plant maintenance in knowing that the possibility of belt damage due to excessive product buildup and tracking issues has been eliminated.

Preliminary tests were done
at the plant between polyethylene
and nylon blades, to determine
the best option. The harder
nylon blades were selected
for optimum performance.
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