Applications & SPECS


Service Requirements Special Service Construction Top Cover Options Application Requirements
Log Decks LH750/3 Ply Poly/Nylon RMA1 Severe Impact Cutting and Gouging
Debarkers LH600/3 Ply Poly/Nylon Crowfoot Weave RMA1 Low Coefficient of Friction
Log Sorters BC440/4 Poly/Nylon Rib Weave Friction Back / Bare Back Pulley Cover Friction Back Bare Back Pulley Cover
Wood Chips
& Bark Belts
Poly/Nylon Plain Weave LTOR MOR Terpene and Oil
Hog Fuel Poly/Nylon Plain Weave RMA2  PVC: MOR Mult V/Chevron for High Incline Service
Chipper Belts Bare Back and Friction Back Belt Style MOR Extensive Range of Widths
Saw Cut-Offs BC330/3 Ply and Poly/Nylon Plain Weave RMA2 Small Pulleys

Sawdust Belts
Saw Dry-Hogs

BC330/3 Ply and Poly/Nylon Plain Weave MOR/RMA2 Bare or Friction Surface Bottom Typical
Pulp Belts BC330/3 Ply and  Poly/Nylon MOR Long Span
Broke Belts BC330/3 Ply Poly/Nylon MOR/RMA2 Wide Widths
Veneer Belts BC220 and BC330 LTOR MOR Cold Temp Terpene and Oil Terpene and  Oil
Tray Belts Thermoplastic PVC, PU Transverse Stability
Planer Belts 225/3 & 330/3 Poly/Nylon Armortech RMA1 Pure Gum Severe Abrasion Excellent Wear Characteristics
Sander Belts PVC: BC120COS 225/3 Rough Top (TAN)
PVC Smooth SBR/Pure Gum PVC: Rough Top COS/Bare or Friction Non-Marking/Grip Surface Grip Surface

*The above recommendations are a guide only. Please contact your nearest Belterra representative for complete belt recommendations

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