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Log Handling / Debarking

For heavy duty log handling and debarking our products are designed for superior resistance to cutting, gouging, abrasion, and ozone.

The unique crimped warp, all nylon fabric design in our premium log deck belt offers a length reserve which allows the outer ply to elongate around small pulleys without interfering with the integrity of the warp cord. This allows the inner ply to absorb the buckling effect of small pulleys which protects the life of the splice. The result is increased flexibility around smaller pulleys and longer splice life. Our nylon fill cords also provide superior fastener holding capabilities. This unique fabric design works in tandem with our special cover compounds and skim coats to provide improved resistance to heavy impact.

Log Deck Application

Demanding log deck applications where raw logs are being kicked off a moving conveyor belt under severe working conditions require a durable belt that can withstand impact, abrasion and gouging. Belterra’s Log Deck belt products offer dependable, low cost solutions to this critical application.


Slow Down Belts

Belterra’s specially designed planer slow down belts are designed for applications that require a premium face cover compound that provides excellent wear characteristics. Armortech and Durashield have a non-marking compound that literally grabs the lumber and slows it down, reducing its traveling speed prior to the lumber entering its next processing stage. Excellent for decline and incline applications.


Prepress In Feed Line

A large plywood operation was experiencing production bottlenecks on their “Prepress In Feed Line”.

Belt elongation, edge curl and buildup of wood fiber on the pulley side contributed to on going tracking issues. The customer was using a commodity 120 PVC style belt which had a limited life span. This presented additional maintenance and operational costs. Belterra personnel recommended a strong 3 ply polyurethane (TPU) belt that offered almost zero elongation after the initial run in. The TPU cover contributed to better wear and abrasion resistance, and the 3 ply carcass construction offered a stronger finger splice, and superior dimensional stability eliminating premature cupping. The TPU impregnated polyester fabric on the reverse side also gave the belt better wear and reduced the build up from mill debris that previously contributed to tracking issues. The lower coefficient of friction contributed to energy savings as it now cost less to drive the belt. Belterra’s recommendations provided better reliability and predictability in daily production allowing maintenance staff to focus on other issues.

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