case studies
Diamond Mine NWT

In 2005 Belterra supplied 17,500 ft. of conveyor belt to Canada’s diamond mining industry. Located 200 kilometers south of the Arctic circle, in Canada’s Northwest Territories, posed major logistical problems. Coordinating the manufacture of this product at such a quantity and to coincide the shipping where a three month window is all that’s available on the Arctic’s ice road in severe winter conditions, proved to be a challenge. Canada’s first diamond mine needed to change from surface to underground mining, thus posing some logistical and engineering challenges. Due to pulley restrictions, steel cord belt was not an option. The choice was to go to a high tension 1350 / 3 ply specially designed carcass with special fire retardant covers. Due to size restrictions underground, the roll height was limited. This installation required 53 vulcanized splices, one 8 ft. splice was to be completed every 24 hours. Belterra completed this project on time and on budget, without any splicing or tracking issues. We also received a letter of commendation from the customer’s safety committee.

High Tension specially designed
conveyor belt arriving at the mine
site waiting for Installation.


Steep Incline Conveyors in Mine Processing Plant

Belterra installed all the conveyor belts in this mines’ processing plant including the 4 HAC (high angle system) systems. These vertical conveyors are specially designed for steep inclines requiring a minimal amount of space. This system employs standard troughed belt components in a simple but unique sandwich principle that overcomes the limitations typically encountered with other methods of vertical and high angle conveying.

As the system uses standard belt
and belt cleaning devices it is not
susceptible to the problems associated
with wet or sticky materials as are
other systems.

Overland Conveyor Systems - Coal Handling

A large coal mining operation in south eastern British Columbia contracted Belterra to remove an existing overland system so the coal under the conveyor could be reclaimed. In less than 48 hours Belterra personnel removed and rolled up more than 6000 ft. (x 42”) of conveyor belt. After 10 days of mining, the system was rebuilt and the belting was installed, spliced, and vulcanized in less than four days.

System back in place and being
inspected before tensioning.

Overland Conveyor Systems - Hard Rock Handling

This long span overland conveyor system requires a durable, low stretch conveyor belt. Belterra offers all nylon, polyester nylon, or steel cord alternatives, depending on design criteria. Handling coal, copper, iron ore, or taconite, we offer the best product available for your mining application. Belterra’s customer driven commitment to providing a quality product ensures long term reliability.


Specialized Belt Design

Our premium RMA Grade 1 compound is designed for superior resistance to cutting, gouging, and abrasion. These covers are ideal for conveying hard rock ores, granite, flint rock, trap rock and other types of sharp, abrasive materials. Proper fabric design will provide less elastic and permanent elongation, minimizing take up concerns and reducing the number of splices required. This belt must withstand severe tension spikes at start up, continuous flexing around pulleys and must retain mechanical fasteners in the event of an emergency.

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