Lightweight Conveyor Belt

Belterra’s lightweight conveyor belt comes in a wide variety of constructions, cover compounds and colors all offering efficiency and economy. We offer special constructions from super smooth to deeply textured. Our lightweight construction offers flexibility delivering excellent dimensional stability, thus needing less adjustments, reducing work stoppages and downtime. It’s high strength and abrasion resistance adds longer service life thus improving profitability.


Superior Fabrics

Our polyester belts won’t shrink, stretch, rot or mildew when exposed to moisture, which makes them especially effective where wetness is a problem. This strong fabric is especially designed to retain mechanical fasteners.

Polyester / Nylon
Longitudinally running polyester warp members offer low elongation for minimum stretch while the resilient nylon filler members running transversely offer better mechanical fastener retention, especially under frequent stop and go conditions.

Cotton / Polyester
Our TR series of blended cotton polyester belts offer 50% more strength than traditional cotton belts. This is the work horse in our package handling line of products. It is a bulkier fabric that won’t stretch or shrink in the presence of moisture and offers little or no camber.

Solid Woven Polyester
This tough single-ply interwoven polyester fabric is 20% lighter in relation to its strength than equally rated fabrics. This fabric has excellent resistance to impact and offers superior tear resistance.

Polyester Polyester/Nylon
Cotton/Polyester Solid Woven Polly

Superior Compounds

Our premium PVC belt has excellent resistance to chemicals and acids. It is easily cleaned and resists staining. It is available in high oil resistant, white or blue USDA food approved or low temperature compounds. Also available in Cleated incline and Ruff top constructions

This is a general purpose compound commonly used in food applications. This compound has excellent oil resistance and withstands grease, fats, acids, and can be easily hot water or steam cleaned. Also known as Buna N or Hycar this compound is both USDA and FDA approved. Ideal for carrying meat and poultry.

This all temperature belt compound is suitable for temperatures as high as 300 degrees F and as low as -65 degrees F. It is particularly suitable for food processing lines involving both cooking and freezing operations. Available in white.

Excellent for wet, sticky materials and operations involving gluing and spreading. This slippery top surface has ideal release characteristics.

PVC Nitrile


Maxi Climb (Rough Top)
Our MC series of products have a deep textured surface designed for carrying products up inclines as steep as 35 degrees. This surface is available in the standard black, non marking tan or brown, abrasion resistant orange or blue carboxylated nitrile, pure gum where tearing and gouging are a problem and PVC.

Cleated Incline, Chevron, and Herringbone
Molded in PVC these profiles are ideal for carrying bulk materials like grain, feed and fertilizer effectively up inclines as steep as 35 degrees (depending on product carried). These impressions resist carry back of materials and offer good drainage. With our rugged PVC compound we offer abrasion resistance and longer service life.

Diamond Top, V Ridge, Steepgrade, Meat Cleat
These profiles are available in SBR, Nitrile and Pure Gum compounds and suitable to carry meat and food products up 20 - 30 degree inclines. The cleat design also prevents wet or moist products from sticking to the belt by allowing the product’s surface to rest on the profiles.

Maxi Climb Cleated Incline
Diamond Top  
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