Baggage Handling System

With the old belt removed and minor conveyor adjustments nearly complete, Belterra is preparing to install a new belt on this baggage handling system. We offer a complete maintenance package for roller conveyor, transport and sortation conveyor systems.

Link Project: Baggage Handling

Splice and installation now completes one of 200 conveyor belt installations at this Link Project at an international airport. This unique non-woven belt offers no ply separation or fraying, and has a high resistance to impact. In the event of an emergency breakdown a mechanical fastener can easily be installed.



Belterra has been contracted to manage the maintenance of all 980 flat belt and roller conveyors at this manufacturing facility. Belterra’s responsibility includes tracking, repair, replacement of all conveyor and roller drives, maintain all photo sensors, chain, sprockets, and zero pressure conveyor components.


Spur System

This truck loading spur system utilizes a durable abrasion resistant polyurethane impregnated polyester conveyor belt. An excellent product for accumulation, diverting, and horizontal applications. This package handling flame retardant (DIN 22103 and ISO 340) belt also offers low noise on the running / pulley side.


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