Excessive Belt Wear from Material Buildup

In this aggregate application there is an existing 6 foot load point with no side skirt sealing, causing heavy spillage and no containment for the scraper fines. This caused excessive belt wear from material buildup, increasing labor costs, reducing operating efficiency and excessive downtime.

In less than 24 hours, Belterra lengthened the load point to 8 feet, installed a new belt support system and tail box for better tail fines collection, and added the proper skirt sealing along both sides of the conveyor. This combination provides effective containment of fines thus offering extended service life and lower maintenance requirements on the system.


Total Conveyor Upgrade

Belterra was contracted by a large cement casting company to virtually rebuild an 18” and 24” conveyor system, the scope of work included extending the 24” incline conveyor to accommodate the installation of a new belt cleaning system, replacing the snub and head pulleys, adding galvanized conveyor hoods, and replacing the conveyor bents and cross supports, as well as adding new ground supports, plates and anchors. Upon completion Belterra relined the aggregate hopper with AR wear plate. This work was done in 2 days, with 10 service technicians working twelve hour shifts.

Belterra crews completed this
project, working twelve hour shifts
in two days, without any disruption to
our regular business commitments.
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