Chip Conveyor System

A pulp mill in Northern British Columbia was experiencing plugged chute problems and excessive product spillage with their clean chips system feeding the mill. This is a critical application and is shut down only once a year. Belterra redesigned a new chute with a spill free transfer point.

The new chute and transfer point was completed within 18 hours, while working conditions of -40 C.

Problem chute causing spillage, increasing downtime and cleanup.

Refuse By-Pass Conveyor

A large pulp mill in central British Columbia was experiencing severe operation problems with their Hog Refuse System. Because of design issues the conveyor was completely enclosed thus retaining tramp material and water between the tray and belt. This posed a significant problem in the winter when the belt would freeze to the pan. Belterra lifted the existing 50,000 lb. x 110 ft. conveyor and replaced it with a newly designed system, re-engineering new bracing, designing new supporting structure, while utilizing the existing vertical supports, all done forty feet in the air in less than 78 hours.


Setting up scaffolding, crane in place, conveyor to be removed.
Completed system stock piling woodchips.

Main Conveyor System

In 2006, a northern Alberta pulp mill had catastrophic fire that destroyed its two main conveyor systems that fed chips from the nearby sawmill to the pulp mill.

Belterra was contacted, and within short notice mobilized manpower, equipment and immediately started fabricating new conveyor sections and supports while removing the damaged sections. Belterra coordinated the fabrication of the new components on night shift while the day shift was installing, painting and aligning the new connections of the structure to the footings.

Belterra was able to mobilize, fabricate and install almost 2000 ft. of conveyor structure, components, drives and conveyor belt all within fourteen days, the systems were successfully running with product before Belterra left the site.


Fire damaged conveyor structure that is to be completely replaced.
First system complete and running.

Pulp Mill Main Chip Belt

A pulp mill located in central British Columbia was experiencing severe belt mistracking causing side spillage. The enclosure capacity of the transfer point was not suitable for the amount of material being conveyed. Belterra provided a complete rebuild of the transfer point, including installation of belt trackers, cleaners, and a belt support system suitable for dust and product containment. The overall length of 36 ft. was completed in less than 30 hours.

Poor product containment causing production and safety concerns. Excessive spillage needing containment, a substantial fire hazard.
Completed project after three months of operation.
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