Financial Solutions

Choose The Best Solution That Conveys Affordability

Why financing makes sense for your business.

Belterra understands your business depends on its conveyer systems to increase efficiency and decrease downtime. That’s why every Belterra solution is built with superior performance, reliability and affordability.

Now you can finance 100% of your Belterra conveyer belt solution through Belterra’s premier financing source, CoActiv Capital Partners Canada. CoActiv Capital Partners Canada offers fast, easy financing with a wide range of finance products and customized payment solutions designed to meet your unique business and cash flow needs.

1. Low Monthly Cost—Leasing provides use of the conveyor system at a low monthly cost with flexible structures. So, you pay as you use the equipment, not all at once.

2. Tax Benefits—You can deduct monthly lease payments on true leases as an operating expense.

3. Obsolescence Protection—Leasing gives you the ability to upgrade or add equipment if your business demands that you have the latest technology or if your needs change.

4. 100% Cost Coverage—Soft costs such as shipping, installation, and other fees can be included in the leased amount.

5. Conservation of Capital—With 100% plus equipment financing, you’re free to spend cash on other items needed to grow your business.

6. Easier Budgeting—Since everything is included in one easy payment amount, budgeting the expense over the term of the lease is easier.

7. Fixed Payments—Payments are locked in now, avoiding the risk of inflation in the future.

8. Preserves Credit—Leasing doesn’t tie up lines of credit, so you have more available credit when you need it.

9. Flexible Payment Structures—Payment plans can be structured to meet your specific cash flow needs.

10. Maintenance Contract—To extend your conveyor life, be sure to ask about Belterra’s custom designed maintenance contracts.

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