Belterra’s unique ceramic pulley lagging provides superior traction than conventional rubber lagging and can virtually eliminate belt slippage under the most severe dry, wet or muddy operating conditions. Belterra can cut maintenance downtime by reducing belt wear by creating the highest coefficient of friction possible. This enables our customers to avoid the over tensioning of belts which can lead to other maintenance problems such as damaged pulleys, shortened belt life, and failed mechanical or vulcanized splices. Belterra is equipped to install lagging on sight without removing the pulley, thus greatly reducing costly downtime.

Ceramic lagged pulleys lagged on site with belt in place.

This completely worn lagging on a head drive pulley is causing excessive slippage. Without removing the conveyor belt, the old lagging is stripped off, the pulley is sandblasted and new lagging is installed.

The ceramic lagged pulley is now ready to be put back into service on schedule. Our belt lifting equipment was used on this project to ensure easy and save access to the pulley.  


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