Belterra technicians are using a cost effective, permanent solution for skirt board damage on a steel cord conveyor belt. Specially designed to create sure, durable, and long lasting repairs to cuts, tears, gouges or punctures. Our hot vulcanizing repair material flows easily and evenly, curing quickly, putting the conveyor back in service immediately after the repair is done.

Belterra operates on a 24 / 7 / 365 basis. Providing emergency service from all of its locations to all industries. With over 100 factory trained technicians, Belterra is equipped to take on any challenge. Using only the best splice materials available to ensure long lasting belt repairs and splices.

Belterra service crew performing longitudinal surface repairs on a ST3500 steel cord conveyor belt in sub zero weather conditions.

Belterra Technicians are preparing a 60” belt for vulcanization at the largest sulphur bulk terminal in the world. This belt stacks and reclaims sulphur and is a critical part of their operation.


Belterra offers a complete self contained installation service with maintenance programs that cover “head to tail pulley” servicing requirements. This crew is finishing a vulcanized splice on a stacker conveyor and will be tensioning and tracking the belt to complete the project.


Belterra technician applying the final procedures before vulcanizing. This special thermoplastic polyurethane belt is 644 ft. long and 13 ft. 8 inches wide, thus making it the longest and widest forming line conveyor belt in the world, that’s used at an oriented strand board plant.


Setting up to pull the first 1000 ft. x 60” belt of a 4000 ft. installation at a local coal handling facility. The new belt will be pulled onto the system, while the old belt is being wound up for disposal. Belterra’s stands, winders and power source offer a fully self contained solution to conveyor installation.



Stringing 4200 ft. of new belt onto the existing system, while winding up the old belt at the same time. The complete incline portion was rebuilt before the new belt could be strung back into position.


After idler installation and alignment, this overland system is being made ready for the stringing of almost 7,000 ft. of conveyor belt.



Belterra mobile winder rolling up and stringing 1500 feet of chip handling conveyor belt.

Belterra’s mobile winder unit removing customer’s existing 60” conveyor belt, which can be rolled up, reconditioned and trimmed to be used at another location, or taken off site for disposal.

This unit can handle up to 1000 ft. x 72” wide conveyor belt.

Belterra has a number of mobile winders that can handle up to 96” wide, 16 foot diameters and up to 86,000 pounds.

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