Belterra is the leader in providing planning, supervision and quality control for small and large conveyor belt installations. Belterra personnel have installed or replaced conveyor belts on some of the most challenging conveyor systems in the world. We take great pride in providing belt installation and operational expertise that result in cost savings for the material h andling industry. Our continuous improvement in the application of conveyor belt technology allows us to deliver engineering and field expertise regardless of the technical difficulty or location.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Splicing and Vulcanizing

There have been significant technical advancements in steel cord belt splicing in the past several years. Belterra’s experienced field technicians have improved splice efficiency, along with reduced splice time and improved performance.

Belterra’s steel cord personnel have received training in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), dangerous goods transportation, fall arrest, first aid training, and hold approvals from Construction Safety Training Systems (CSTS) and Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) approval, meeting the stringent requirements and high standards needed to work in the demanding oil sands.

Belterra Corporation has some of the most extensive state of the art vulcanizing equipment in Canada, from portable rewinds (up to 84” wide conveyor belts), slip/grab air brake clamping systems, dynamometers, thermocouples, and vulcanizers capable of splicing up to 96” wide steel cord conveyor belts.

Steel cord splice lay out being
preformed at the Canadian oil sands.
Part of Belterra’s extensive vulcanizing equipment.

Conveyor Belt Scanning

Belterra offers the patented Belt C.A.T.™ scanning system which provides the proper information needed to fully assess the condition of any steel cord conveyor belt. Colored graphical images are produced showing all cord damages and splices, using state of the art data acquisition equipment and processing software.

This system shows the magnitude and type of damage at all locations of cord damage throughout the entire belt as well as the precise longitudinal and lateral location of damage. Splice graphics show the location of every cord end within the splice, permitting immediate visual assessment of the splice’s construction and current condition.

Belt scanning is a preventive maintenance tool, aimed at minimizing the chance of a catastrophic belt or splice failure, and its costly unplanned conveyor system down time. With regular scanning Belterra can offer a planned conveyor belt maintenance program to help you protect your investment.

Belt C.A.T™ is a registered trademark of C.B.T. Corporation

To increase productivity and better
predict belt cover life. Belterra Corporation offers a high-tech ultrasonic gauge analysis, the perfect planning tool for cover wear management, belt life forecasting, budget determination & scheduling downtime.

Survivor™ is a registered trademark
of Goodyear Engineered Products


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